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Calling all Administrators and Admissions Managers – Sharing your knowledge

Knowledge is power, knowledge shared is power multiplied – Robert Boyce –

By-Cheryl Embleton, HR & business manager, Optimist International School

We all have busy jobs; each of us has their own bespoke system, timeline, planning and flow.  However, what we know, what we understand, and what we can share is valuable. We have great resources within our DIS community, so let’s share our expertise, our knowledge of systems and process and work together on issues and challenges that we come across.

Working as part of a Dutch Educational Board, often being the only international school, brings great opportunities however, it also brings a number of challenges. It is not the lack of knowledge or enthusiasm but more so, the differences in educational curriculum and therefore administrative and admission needs.

Our proposal to start – Let’s connect!

If you are working in an Administration or Admissions function, we want to work together next school year.  To understand where there is a need for help, training or advice and set up a ‘knowledge team’ within our own DIS community. These are professionals within the same field, who are willing and able to connect to you and help.

How are we going to do this?  

DIS Padlet is a digital notice board.  Firstly, say hello, introduce yourself, then ask a question, tell us where you need support, ideas for trainings, setting up a first intro ideas or tell us what you know and how you can support others.

If we have a ‘hot topic’ that several need support in, we can set up online or in-person training session or meet and greet with a school tour.

Looking forward to working together in the new school year.

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