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Celebrating who we are – International School Twente

IST’s first ever unit of inquiry as part of its candidacy for the PYP was wrapped up today in a gala exhibition of student work. Our Arts and Culture Coordinator, Ms. Danielle, led the assembly and parade.

By Jason Wilson, Curriculum Coordinator, International School Twente

Who We Are, the three magic words which sparked the start of our Inquiry, and our learning journey in the Primary Years Programme. Each classroom explored a different facet of the mystery:

The Teddy Bears class focussed on the role of individuals in the community, and how relationships play a role in shaping that community. They investigated rules and identity, and what makes a community.

The Beavers delved into the human body, and got up close with skeletons. They mapped organs, and illustrated their bodies in life-size cutouts, as they questioned what it means to be human. 

Inter dynamics of Relationships

The Lovely Lions inquired into the function and purpose of the brain, and its role in learning. Along the way, they learned what makes a growth mindset, and how new knowledge is added to old knowledge to make new connections. 

The Wise Wolves studied the inter dynamics of relationships, and the compromise of needs and wants, both individually, and as a class. They learned the importance of communication, and the vital role of our Learner Profile attributes. 

Self-Portrait Activity

Between each of these hives of activity was our Arts and Culture teacher, Ms. Danielle, who tied the unit together across the school with a self-portrait activity. Students were given time to experiment with a range of materials and media, before creating a self-portrait which was hung on display for the whole school to see at a celebration assembly. Amidst song and dance, learners viewed and commented on each other’s portraits, and learned a little more about Who We Are.

A big well-done to all our teachers for the successful completion of this first unit, and an especial thank you to Ms. Danielle for all the hard work in coordinating and mounting the exhibit. We are looking forward to our next unit- Where We Are in Place and Time!

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