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Holi Colour Run at International School Twente

“A day full of colours! A day full of excitement! A day full of wishes! Yes, it was Holi! A day to rejoice in love! Happy Holi”

-by Jason Wilson, primary educator International School Twente

Holi, the festival of colours, is one of the most important festivals of India and it is celebrated with great pomp and fervour. On Wednesday 16 March, International School Twente (IST) celebrated Holi at school. In addition to this wonderful colour celebration we extended the celebration into helping others. IST Primary organised a Colour Run for the whole school and all the proceeds were donated to an Orphanage in Ukraine called Wide Awake International Orphanage- House of Dignity.

Joy and merry-making

What a fun day and joyful, colourful experience for everyone. It was also wonderful to have parents back at the school (even if it was just outside) supporting and cheering for all of the students and teachers as they passed around the school completing their laps. Everyone involved felt the exuberance of warmth and the joy of vibrant colours applied to them. There was laughter, joy, and merry-making in the air.

Colour Run Fundraiser

We had a goal in mind and as usual the generosity of our IST community and families have surpassed that expectation. We are happy to announce that in our Colour Run Fundraiser IST Primary raised 1877.50 Euros to be donated. THANK YOU for all your support, understanding, and trust in our community in acknowledging others in a time of need. 

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