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International School Hilversum to host first Model United Nations conference this June

The delegation from International School Hilversum (ISH) made this exciting announcement in December during the Model United Nations (MUN) conference at the International School Amsterdam (ISA). In this article written by a student from Hilversum talks about the conference in Amsterdam as well as the importance of participating in a MUN conference.

By Jana, Vice President of Communication of the International School Hilversum Model United Nations club

During the opening ceremony, the Secretary-General, Tanguay (student at ISA), shared with us the theme of this conference; ‘Finding sustainable solutions for a changing world’. Guest speaker Lisa Jordan, managing director of DRK foundation, reminded us of the definition of sustainability – ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’. She emphasized that these solutions must take socio-economic factors into account, but that our society would not survive without solutions to the environmental crisis that we are currently experiencing.

What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations is a great way for students to learn more about international affairs and to gain an understanding about worldwide peace, security and human rights. Students who participate in MUN conferences participate in diplomatic debates and conversations similar to those in the United Nations. Many Dutch International Schools (DIS) have a Model United Nations club which participates in one or more conferences organised throughout the Netherlands.

“MUNISA was a wonderful conference for beginner delegates, and for me, it was a memorable experience as a first-time chair. The environment was friendly and communicative, and the topics and procedures were ideal for someone interested and willing to learn. I developed myself as an MUN participant, and certainly came out with new skills and knowledge that I know will be an asset to me in future conferences!” – Ridhi, DP1 student at ISH

For our team the conference in Amsterdam was our first conference without our beloved DP2s, some of whom hold our school’s records in delegate with most ‘Best Delegate’ awards and most conferences attended. This conference thus was a reminder of the end of an era – but also the dawning of a new one. Of the 19 attending students, at least 6 were first-time delegates. Among the attending students were also two first-time chairs, Ridhi for the Environmental Committee and myself for the Economic and Social Committee. These milestones indicate that our school is continuing to develop and expand our MUN club, proving the future of MUN at our school is steadfast.

How to register for ISHMUN?

We look forward to hosting our own MUN conference on 8-9 June. ISHMUN will undoubtedly be a fantastic experience for all involved and we look forward to welcoming other international schools to this event. Interested in attending the 2023 ISHMUN event? Feel free to reach out to our MUN club: ishmundebate@gmail.com

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