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Learning about K Pop and Korean culture

The DP1 students at International School Groningen (ISG) found out more about Korean culture by taking part in a K Pop workshop and a Korenean culture and identy workshop led by Dr. Seonok Lee, a lecturer in Minorities and Multilingualism at the University of Groningen.

By Caroline Bennett & Kim Bergman, English LL teachers, International School Groningen.

Intercultural awareness is so important in today’s globalized world. It promotes respect, understanding, and appreciation for different cultures, and also teaches open mindedness and being adaptable, reason it is an important part of any international schools curricula.

At ISG, instead of their normal regular Theory of Knowlegde class, the DP1 students took part in two intercultural workshops. Dr Lee, a lecturer in Minorities and Multilingualism at the University of Groningen discussed Korean culture and identity during one of the workshops. She also brought along two Masters researchers, who are looking at the influence of Korean pop culture on adolescents’ perceptions of East Asians and they ran an interesting workshop on K Pop.

Understanding the meaning of Hallya

During the K Pop workshop, the students took part in a Kahoot quiz, testing their knowledge about Korean geography, unlucky numbers and food. They also learned about Kakao friends, Naver, the reason K Drama shows ‘The Glory’ and ‘Physical100’ are so popular, as well as the meaning of Hallyu and its 1 st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th generations. K Pop groups such as Stray Kids, BTS, ATEEZ, Aespa and 2NE1 were new to some of our stuents. After this they rearranged the room and tried a choreographed dance to go with some 4th gen Hallyu music. It all looked much easier in the video!

Another workshop led by Dr Lee was about Korean culture and identity. Both workshops were part of DP1’s co curriculum about intercultural awareness with a third workshop planned this month, which is based on a culture much closer to ISG than Korea.The ISG and the University of Groningen are hoping to further develop their working relationship for the benefit of both communities.

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