Schools can offer any combination of subjects. Each subject is certificated separately. Over 70 subjects, including 30 languages, are available to choose from, offering a variety of routes for learners of different abilities.

Regularly updated and extended

Schools can build a core curriculum, extend it to suit their students and introduce cross-curricular perspectives. Schools worldwide have helped develop Cambridge IGCSE. It incorporates the best in international education for students at this level and develops in line with changing needs. The IGCSE is therefore regularly updated and extended. Cambridge IGCSE teachers can draw on excellent resources, training and advice from subject experts.


Assessment takes place at the end of the course and includes written, oral, coursework and practical assessment. Grading is on an international eight-point scale (A*-G) and grades A to E are equivalent to O Level grades A to E. In some countries, IGCSE qualifications will satisfy the entry requirements for university. In others, they are widely used as a preparation for A Level, AS, International Baccalaureate and US Advanced Placement courses.

Why choose the IGCSE?

Cambridge IGCSE develops learner knowledge, understanding and skills in:

  • subject content;
  • applying knowledge and understanding to new as well as unfamiliar situations;
  • intellectual enquiry;
  • flexibility and responsiveness to change;
  • working and communicating in English;
  • influencing outcomes;
  • cultural awareness.

Cambridge IGCSE has wide recognition from higher education institutions and employers around the world as evidence of academic ability. The IGCSE is taken in over 100 countries worldwide and is internationally recognised as being equivalent to the GCSE in the United Kingdom. Needless to say, with IGCSE as their education, your child will have the perfect springboard to advanced study.

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