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Student led initiatives rock

Student-led initiatives are extra-curricular activities that are initiated, planned, and executed by students are an integral part of an international education. Students initiate community service projects, fundraising events and awareness campaigns on various social issues.

By Vicky Ingram, Visual Arts Teacher & CAS/SA coordinator International School Groningen

Sense of ownership

Student-led initiatives provide an opportunity for students to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for their education. When students take the initiative to organise an event or project, they become more invested in the outcome and are more likely to take ownership of their education. This can lead to increased motivation, engagement, and a more positive attitude towards learning. 

Inspire others to become involved

Student-led initiatives can help raise awareness and educate others about important issues. Our students can use their platforms to advocate for causes they care about, share their knowledge and experiences, and inspire others to get involved. This can lead to a more informed and empathetic community, and can ultimately lead to positive social change. These initiatives are also essential for the growth and development of our students, and they provide numerous benefits that can last a lifetime.

Already this year we have managed the following:

Adding a collective atmosphere to the school

We are so fortunate to have so many invested students, initiating fundraising opportunities and advocating for issues that matter to them. Along with student led clubs such a theatre group, climate club and an active student council to name but a few, our students are really adding to the overall collective atmosphere of the school in a positive manner. 

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