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Terrific Terschelling – Students from the International School Utrecht tell you about their unforgettable trip

The grade 7 students have been away on a 4-day trip to Terschelling. As you can read in these enthusiastic student reports; they all had a blast, cycling, playing sports and games on the beach, having a bonfire and even a disco! ‘I wish the night would never end’.

Day 1

-by Sharvesh and Raquib

“The yet to uncover day started with a bang. “I mean literally a bang thanks to a painful alarm at 4 am!!!”. The miserable “but obviously NO PAIN NO GAIN or should I say FUN” group of 70 students dropped from their beds whilst rubbing their dry eyes in tiredness. We rapidly got ready for the adventurous and tiresome first day awaiting us. With a longing face hoping to Lunge back on the bed.


After we reached school at 6:00 am! Ya! YOU HEARD ME RIGHT 6:00 IN THE MORNING. Just like little Penguins we huddled up together In front of the humongous bus. After we bid our final goodbyes to our parents we settled in our seats and started talking. Some of my friends and I played a game with Ms.Z about guessing countries using only yes or no questions. I may have even smuggled in some Oreos from my bag to share it with my friends. 

Within a jiffy we reached the docs of Harlingen waiting for our ferry. We ate our breakfast there while chit-chatting carefree. After our huge ferry arrived for our service we charged through the pack and as we entered the magnificent ferry most of us were awestruck bye the wonderful interior. It was beyond luxury. Great big windows, huge outside areas with tall fences so we won’t fall even if we lean as it reaches our shoulder height (just for parents who are worrying) and comfy sofas or should I say thrones.

Literally and metaphorically

Overall the ferry was amazing. Some of us were enjoying the peaceful and relaxing breeze outdoors while some of us were gambling obviously without money but with candy. Some of us even ate over snacks and doze off to a good sleep with the help of the pleasant breeze and some even fell sick. We finally reached Terschelling and got off the boat. On paper it may have looked like 4 to 5 long hours, but in reality time literally and metaphorically flew. 


We finally reached Tershelling, and the first thing we were welcomed by was a big gust of wind (I felt like I was flying because I’m tiny). Than we got our bikes after being split into groups:  T-tallest to T-shortest (“T” means team). It was impressive how fast the company got such a big group of students up and running (er, biking).

After we reached Stayokay, we enjoyed a variety of lunches reflecting cuisines from all over the world. Next, we went on a GPS tour – ohhh boy the tour was an adventure. It was supposed to be 10 km and take us by famous places, but my team only completed 4 to 5km since we encountered some obstacles. However, we persevered – arriving back to the stay okay and ready to enjoy some free time.

This evening we’re looking forward to a tasty BBQ followed by a campfire on the beach!

Day 1 evening and day 2

-by Adit, Varnika, and Sharvesh

Day 1 evening – bonfire

After the amazing dinner ( I thought the choices of food limited 😁 ) we got ready to go to the beach to have a bonfire 🔥.  When we reached to the gigantic bonfire, we were let free to do anything (Don’t worry, there were set rules and regulations 😛 ) On our trip back from the beach we saw amazing landmarks and nature to make our mind fresh and interested to things that we are seeing. 

Day 2 – beach

Today we did plenty of fun activities on the beach. We did power kiting, minigolf, volleyball, basketball, and archery. They were all challenging with many funny incidents. In power kiting, many friends were practically lifted off the sand. Volleyball and basketball were good to play with friends, with more focus on the fun than the rules. The arrow in archery had a mind of its own, deciding to unexpectedly turn. In the end we got to do whatever we wanted to, and I accidentally managed to get a bucket full of sand in one shoe! Overall, it was a good morning, and I made many memories.

day 2 afternoon – nature walk

It may have looked like 1 to 2 hours but it was filled with amazing discoveries and adventures. We started off by hiking a huge hill covered in sand making it harder to stroll through with the tiredness after a busy day. One group saw skeletal zombie birds and another guide was kind enough to give us practical experiences such as eating a tasty and rare leaf, picking cranberries and even creating an acorn collection. Overall the nature walk was packed with stunning views adventures and discoveries. 

Tonight we’ll live it up at the disco swim party!

Day 2 evening

-by Adit and Saanvi

Everyone loved the beach competitions that took place in the morning: basketball, highest tower, lassoing, A-frame, and relays. Afterwards we spent some time doing a beach clean-up for service as action.
After the adventures of the morning, we left the beach for mini golf. Just getting there was another adventure due to an unexpected road detour where we climbed up a sand hill NEXT to our bikes (everyone was fed up of the sand road 😉 ) After finally arriving, everyone was excited to play (the course was CRAZY). We ended by rushing to count up the total number of points in order to reveal the winner of one particularly intense game. At the end we enjoyed free ice cream because we did amazing job. 

Making memories

Last night the grade 7s had a blast at Zwembad de Doebe. It was an hour and a half session of fun disco swimming with a lit-up pool, bubbling hot tub, and a big slide to compliment the place. It was especially lovely to see people who don’t usually converse with one another get along and have a great time. We enjoyed splashing around and making memories that will last forever. 

Day 3 – disco & Day 4 – packing up

-by Adit 

After our dinner, we had time to change in our best clothes for disco. The girls took the dressing too far 😆  but the boys did not put in too much effort for dressing for the disco. (Okay, some boys did put some effort). Before we reached the club – nobody wanted to really go. But after we went in everyone enjoyed it and wanted to have more disco. We got tokens for drinks but some people wanted more tokens so they were gambling (low-key style) to have more tokens. In the end everyone had fun and the disco party was a blast and fantastic.

The last day began with a whirlwind of activity – packing suitcases, cleaning rooms, and turning in our bikes. We got everything done with enough time to do some souvenir – or should I say CANDY – shopping (watch out parents – we had money to burn and sugar to buy!)

Day 4

-by Raquib

After staying in Terschelling for 3 nights we finally finish our trip. This morning all of us woke up really late because of the disco in bar Oka 18. Me and my roommate woke up at 8:00 am and breakfast was at 8:30 And we had to pack and clean our room  so let me tell you how it went “bro bro wake up” ” what what is the time” “it is 8:00!!”
(Everyone shouting)  ok after breakfast we took our luggage and went to shopping instead of waiting for the fairy. OK let me explain the ferry ride the first minute we got in the ferry started shaking. If you read the first blog you know that the ferry was a luxury but this ferry was the complete opposite it was old basically it was like a grandpa for ferries.

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