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UWC Maastricht student Lesein started Trees for Goals

When he was still a kid, Lesein was already interested in business. But he also had an eye for climate change and wanted to take action! It was back then when he took his first steps towards UWC Maastricht’s Career-related Programme.

-By Nadine Lemmens, communications officer, United World College Maastricht

“From a very young age I have always been passionate about business. From selling sweets and candy in school to eggs and goats in my neighbourhood. I wanted to use business to build my community. I have also had a passion for nature, planting trees from the age of 5 and being involved in environment conservation programs like earth hour.”

‘As I improve my football, I also improve my environment’

But Lesein has another passion: football. The young entrepreneur that he is he found a way to also combine this hobby. “When I was around 12 years , I started hearing and reading about deforestation and plastic pollution happening in my country Kenya. I decided to bring two things that I love most – football and nature and came up with my project Trees For Goals. This is where I committed to plant a tree for every goal I score. As I improve my football, I also improve my environment!”

Professional skills development

At UWC Maastricht, Lesein is now studying the Career-related Programme (CP). This allows him to choose courses with a particular focus on his future career of choice. Besides academic rigour, the CP focusses on personal and professional skills development and relevant service and work-related experiences.

Lesein: “I want to learn skills and different methods on how I can improve the environment and my community through business. Learn from other businesses and brainstorm with other entrepreneurs to solve different problems and create a greener and cleaner community.”

And he gets the opportunity to share his story and inspire others! During an event organised for external relations of UWC Maastricht, Lesein blew the audience away when he held a presentation about himself and gave them an insight in his live!

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