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World Clean Up Day – International School of The Hague

Year 10 students and parents got together on World Clean-up Day to help preserve the natural beauty of the local environment.

By Joy Davis, Communications Officer, The International School of The Hague.

A big thank you to all the Year 10 parents and students who gave up their free time on Saturday 17 September to help out picking up rubbish in the neighbourhood surrounding the school in honour of World Clean Up Day.

The hope is that one-day clean-ups like these will no longer be necessary, but in the meantime, we hope to raise awareness with everyone to think about what happens with their litter, and to make sure that they put it in the appropriate place. It’s a small but very tangible step we can take to help the local environment become in better shape.

Thank you to the Year 10 parent reps for organising such a rewarding activity. This type of activity speaks to our Curious, Connected and Compassionate mission at The International School of The Hague.

Special thanks to Pluk! Den Haag for lending us extra rubbish pickers.

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