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Year 6 students getting stuck in during the Breda Tree Week Festival

No school should be an island is something all Dutch International Schools strongly believe in. That is why you find our students are out in the community at every possible opportunity. During the Breda Tree Week Festival Year 6 students from International School Breda helped plant trees and bushes to create new local woodland.

By Kevin Maddocks, Year 6 Teacher and Primary Coordinator at International School Breda

As we all know, trees have an important role to play in combating climate change by helping to retain  water, provide shade, filter pollutants from the air and provide food, living space and protection for all kinds of plants and animals.   

Learning about trees and birds from local specialists

Last week, students from Year 6 were invited to join tree specialists from the municipality and  actively discover more about trees.  A bird expert was also on hand to help the children discover the world of local songbirds and an ecologist was there to talk about birds of prey and predatory animals to be found in the area. 

Digging and planting

Year 6 were actively involved in helping to plant new trees and bushes in an area just outside the city limits and had great fun digging and planting in order to create new woodland.  They learnt the importance of planting a variety of trees in order to minimise the damage in the event of disease hitting a particular species as well as learning more  about the local birds and fauna in the area. How great to spend an afternoon outside under beautiful sunny skies, learning about and providing a helping hand to improve our natural world!

Tree Festival offered great opportunity to join in

The importance of planting trees and working towards a healthier climate for us all is one which the City of Breda has fully embraced, so much so that National Tree Day  (celebrated on the third Wednesday of March) has rolled into Breda Tree Festival Week. Various activities are organised in the local community to encourage children’s involvement in the nature around them. ISB Primary and Secondary students continue to work hard towards obtaining the Eco Schools Green Flag and initiatives such as this are ones that our Primary students were proud to join.

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